Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused either when the natural tunnel formed by the curvature the bones of the wrist flatten out or when inflammation of the sheaths of the tendons in the wrist cause swelling that presses on the median nerve.  Tendons and nerves (especially the median nerve) pass through the tunnel and are covered by a flat ligament (Palmar carpal ligament).  As the tunnel disappears or the sheaths swell, the nerves and tendons are squeezed by the narrowing space between the ligament and the bones. 

Traditionally carpal tunnel syndrome has been treated by retraining a person to avoid the type of repetitive motion that causes the irritation of the tendon sheaths.  If this method does not work then CTS is treated with anti-inflammatories.  As a last resort they cut the Palmar carpal ligament  to lengthen it and take pressure off the nerves.

Our form of treatment is different.  When the tunnel starts to flatten it is because of reduced flexibility in the joints between the carpal bones, metacarpals, ulna and radius bones.  Working these joints and getting them to articulate allows the tunnel to reform naturally.   This also opens up the tunnel to allow more room for swollen tendon sheaths.   Removing this pressure makes it easier to treat the sheaths and allows them to heal more naturally.

We also work the rest of the arm and hand as well as the sheaths of the ligaments effected.  Often what is diagnosed as CTS is actually neuropathies especially of the the median nerve.   If working the tissues in the arm that may trap the median nerve gives relief then while the person may have CTS they are also suffering from other problems as well.

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