Carl W. Brown


Carl is a bodyworker who is both an empath and medical intuitive.    He uses palpation and empathic sensitivities to feel problems, issues, emotions and pain in your tissues.  He has both a good anatomical and medical background but has a sense of the body that is directly perceive and an intuitive level.    He work form a holistic perspective that incorporates a scientific understanding and tools to help people with specific problems.

The somatic bodywork techniques are designed to correct soft tissue problems involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, myofascial muscle coverings and repetitive strain injuries. Injuries can produce scar tissue and cause muscles, fascia, joints and tendons to adhere to bone other muscles. Fascia can lose its suppleness and no longer slide smoothly over other tissues. Muscle, ligament and tendon fibers can separate, twist and become unconsolidated. Tense, stuck or mis-positioned muscles can impinge on nerves, produce chronic pain and restrict movement.

Carl has been trained to use sensitive touch to find and correct most soft tissue problems. He has been trained to use precision rather than force, however he can add deep tissue for those tissues that really need to be stretched. He can treat people with well developed musculature that make it difficult to work deep muscles as well as people with fibromyalgia or other pain sensitivies. He also specializes in chronic pain, tennis elbow, carpal-tunnel, neuropathic pain, scar tissue and range of motion problems especially shoulder problems.

For details on training see his disclosure.   You should request a written disclosure from all California therapists who do not hold a license in the medical arts and who perform any kind of service that deals with health and wellbeing.  This includes massage therapist certified by the State of California because the certification is only to use the title not practice any healing arts.

I receive my training from several sources:

Lynda Caesara’s series of joint courses based on the Berry Method® (orthopedic, subtle touch and energetic) The Institute of Integral Health Inc. Berry Method® training (Basics I & II) (orthopedic bodywork), McKinnon Institute (Swedish & deep tissue), Institute for Therapeutic Massage Inc., (Hot stone) Alive and Well (lymphatic & visceral), Creative Choices (acupressure), Introduction to Somatic Experiencing (trauma), Cheryl Jones - Private tutoring (Biodynamic Craniosacral), Hospice of the East Bay (Hospice and Anna’s program training)

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