Deep Tissue


Deep tissue work uses special techniques to stretch and work muscles including deep muscles.  Deep tissue often uses more pressure than Swedish massage. Traditional deep tissue uses enough pressure to free adhesions deep in the body.  However before doing deep tissue, the therapist must release most of the fascial adhesions.  

While it may reach the hurt that feels good level it should never be so strong that it produces pain.  Pain is not good and will cause the muscles to tighten rather than improve.  Slow strokes and even pressure can provide a very beneficial massage.

The saying of "no pain, not gain" does not apply to massage.  If a therapist is using enough pressure to cause actual pain, then nerves are involved and this will result in further muscle tightening.  The original problem may be fixed, but other problems may result.  There are some exceptions to this.  Some times ligament and tendon work will hurt and this is unavoidable.  It will hurt during the actual manipulation and the pain should subside rapidly. 

At times deep tissue is useful to work areas that need to have a more even release.  It is also useful for stretching tissues that need it for both physical and psychological satisfaction.  

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