Neuropathic Pain

    Nerves are mostly fatty sheaths around single cell nerve fibers.  Nerves come in bundles but even so,  detecting tensions effecting nerves requires a very sensitive touch.  Neuropathic pain can be caused by problems affecting the peripheral nerve fibers themselves.  I have found that a major cause of this type of neuropathies are narrowed nerve pathways, muscle constrictions, inflammations and nerve entrapments .  CAT scans, x-rays and MRIs have trouble detecting this type of problem.  However, a properly trained bodyworker with sensitive palpatory skills can feel for nerve entrapments, muscle problems and even places where the nerve may adhere to other tissues.  If the nerve bundles are close enough to the surface they can be palpated directly.  More often the therapist must look for uneven tensions in the surrounding tissue or find problems based on the nerve reactions.

Releasing impingements often may provide almost instant relief. 

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