Chronic Pain

    If left untreated, most forms of chronic pain usually get worse.  This is because the pain itself usually restricts movement.  When you don't move as you should tissues start adhering to each other causing more pain.  These tissues also lose their proper structure and sometimes move out of position.  

Stretching and exercise will usually help, but these activities alone will not completely free the muscles of adhesions.  Often bodywork is required to remove the fascial adhesions, reposition muscles,  ligaments and joints and restore the condition of the muscles and fascia.   The fascia that covers the muscles often become hard and tough because of scar tissue or cross linked fascial fibers, but we can restore the tissue to its proper soft, slippery state.

Most treatments for chronic pain do not work unless they also address the nerves.  When the muscles are out of place that can press on nerves.  Nerves may adhere to or be trapped by muscles or other tissues causing them to be squeezed or stretched .   Because nerves are very soft tissue, it is difficult to feel them and make sure that they are free.  

Chronic pain arises from different causes.   If left untreated, the pain usually becomes multi-causal it is necessary to find the each source of pain.  In some cases you may need a combination of bodywork and other treatments to correct the problems.  

In cases like fibromylgia on the other hand, you may only be able to treat the symptoms.  However  subtle touch techniques allow the therapist to do the deep work needed without inflicting severe pain.

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