We tend to suppress pain and just live with it.  We get accustomed to living with impaired motion.  We get out of touch with our bodies. The real key to healing is the way which your body is being restored in places that you never knew bothered you.  

Somatic bodywork can put your body back together to the way it should work.  Your joints will feel smoother, you will feel lighter, and aches will melt away.  Not only will you be totally relaxed but your body and tissues will be molded to conform to the body's natural state of well being.  

At the same time. your body is reclaiming its wellness, allowing you to feel at peace with yourself and the world.  This peace comes from allowing the body to heal itself, causing tensions to drop away naturally.   Stress disappears as you are somatically integrated and you are whole again, back in touch with yourself.

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