I provide anatomically based body work that is a synthesis of techniques learned form the various courses that I have takes combined with what I have learned for other bodywork professionals .  

The bodywork can not only correct problems but also provides a very satisfying and restful massage.   It is somatic in nature.   Although it works directly on the body it affects the complete person by freeing them from pain and and restricted movement and puts them back in touch with themselves as a more peaceful and whole person.  To cope we tend to block out pain, discomfort tensions, etc.    

The somatic bodywork frees muscle adhesions and softens the connective tissue between muscles and other muscles, bones and other tissues.  This allows muscles to move more freely with less pain.  This also allows muscles to lengthen and improves range of motion as well as normal function. 

Subtle touch involves using light pressure in a precise way that can produce significant results.  These procedures use as little as few ounces of tension on a specific muscle to get it to soften, relax, lengthen and move more freely. 

Craniosacral therapy is one of those subtle therapies that focuses on the central nervous system, brain, bones of the skull and spinal column, spinal cord as well as the fluid that bathes it.

Although I have studied the Vodder style of manual lymphatic drainage, I use techniques that are based on sensing the actual lymphatic flow and pressure within the tissues.   This allows me more flexibility in adapting it to the specific circumstances.  Lymph is pumped through the body by way of muscle action.  Surgery, radiation treatment and disease can damage the lymphatic system.  Trapped lymph in the tissues can not only create discomfort but will fail to remove proteins in the tissues which can cause permanent damage.

I use techniques that I have developed to work on tissues other than muscles such as nerves and bones.  I work on nerves that are either trapped or adhered to other tissues.  Work on bones is, I believe, based on stimulation of osteoblasts which are cells that promote bone growth and healing.  

The somatic bodywork does not need oils and can be done over clothes.  No shoes, belts or jeans please.

Although I have been trained in Swedish massage, I find that I can usually achieve better relaxation  by working to remove the aches, pains and tensions.  I use very little if any Swedish techniques.  Swedish massage uses oils and long strokes.  I use unscented oils because many people are affected by  the fragrances even if they don't know it.  I also offer hypoallergenic lotions. Swedish however does have a rhythm and flow that my work does not have because it stops to take care of detail issues.   I believe that people with less sensitive touch and better personal body dynamics give better Swedish massages but they miss a lot of problems.  I feel that you can't have it both ways.    

Rarely do I use deep tissue techniques to stretch and work muscles including deep muscles.  Modern applications of deep tissue use alternative techniques for very difficult work.  In the past people often hurt for days after a deep tissue massage.  This is no longer true, a good deep tissue massage should be both restorative and feel good.  Properly done, most people deep tissue is more satisfying than traditional Swedish light work.  Deep tissue techniques include working trigger points. Trigger points are places on a muscle that when held under pressure for a few seconds will release the tension in the muscle.   Where possible I prefer to work the cause of the problem to alleviate pain rather than try to block the sensation of pain.

Hot stone massage is a way to warm muscles to help them relax.  The stone can be used to apply warmth where needed or used to perform the actual massage so that you get the combines warmth and pressure at the same time.  This is different from traditional hot stone treatments in that it is not a whole body treatment that uses the stone to heat the entire body.   Instead it is use to heat portions of the body to facilitate muscle relaxation in specific areas that need work.

While the bodywork is best for correction problems,  working directly on the skin especially with oils increases our palpatory skills and helps us get a much more detailed assessment of any problems.  The therapeutic touch also puts you more in touch with your body and makes you a more integrated person.

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