"I have been up to my ankles in crocodiles with all of this painting etc. going on here, but absolutely must tell you again how terrific I feel - MANY THANKS TO YOU!!!! Because of the lifting, pushing, pulling, shoving, and cleaning, I have had some twangs in my leg and arm, but nothing like I experienced on a daily basis. 

When I get things back in order - soon I hope - I'll be making an appt. with you for more of your "magic touch". I know you were sent from heaven just for me!!!!"

Lyn - Walnut Creek, CA

"I had the deepest sleep that night.  I feel so relaxed, from the inner sense of balance, as if I'm not 'pulling against' myself to stay upright...  Thank you for your thoughtful follow-up call but no soreness or discomfort whatsoever - just ease and well-being, as if I've just had all my joints lubed!

Thank you very much for your focus, knowledge and gentleness."

Kristin - Tecopa, CA

 "I feel so good that I think that I am going to call in 'well'."

Christine - Lafayette, CA

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